Opening: May 7th, 2015 @7:30pm

Exhibition: May 7th - May 30th, 2015

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The month of May will feature an exhibition of new works by Jasmine Wallace at the Robert Lynds Gallery.

Returning to Vancouver in 2010 after receiving an MFA from the University of Minnesota, Wallace began creating hybrid pieces of sculpture, painting and drawing, inspired by interests in architecture and materiality.

Forming the works by a process of amalgamation, layering and re-layering tape and paint to create a fractured surface, Wallace mirrors the act of constructing a building stage by stage until each of the preliminary stages are evident in the completed product.

Wallace's unconventional approach to sculpture and painting result in a unique physicality, with the work shadowing itself and establishing a sense of history and space.



Opening: April 2nd, 2015 @6pm-late

Exhibition: April 2nd - May 2nd, 2015


The Robert Lynds Gallery presents the work of Byron Dauncey and Kevin Day as a part of this year's Capture Photography Festival, '2.0'. The exhibition, Camera Machina, will explore facets of Dauncey’s diverse creative practice in photography, highlighting his photo-manipulative work in his Cubist Photography, and showcase Day’s series resuscitated algorithms.

In the contemporary age of digital omnipresence, surveillance, and the wide-spread use of lens-based devices, how does the medium of photography address issues of artistic agency, meaning-formation, construction of reality, and representation?

Kevin Day’s series resuscitated algorithms are photographic readymades that resulted from the resetting and retrieving of files in a digital camera, where the process of resuscitation left a body of noise on the presumed seamlessness of data. While data functions by virtue of being the underlying invisible form, executed through the operations of algorithms, the series seeks to emphasize the presence of the medium, insisting on a refusal of machinic representation and quantification. The photographs break down into noise as one approaches the work, and the resuscitated data reveals itself as the constituent unit of contemporary image making.

Kevin Day's gallery page

Byron Dauncey’s portraits are the latest works from a photo-cubist series, where shards of photographs from different times and angles of a singular subject are rebuilt into a kinetic artwork. Dauncey approaches the photo-portraits in ways a cubist painter might - playing on time, space, movement and perspective. Dauncey focuses in on revealing a creative process, exploring alternative perception, and unfolding somebody as they age.


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