DSCF3166Gobbledygook - B, 27 x 36 in, lacquer spray paint on sandblasted, powder-coated, aluminum sheet


Exhibition: September 18 - October 25, 2014

Closing Reception: October 25th, 2014 @ 8pm

Robert Lynds Gallery is pleased to present Michael Edward Miller. Miller is a young, emerging Vancouver artist, and his debut at the Robert Lynds Gallery will showcase his newest body of work, ‘BSoD’.

In his fourth solo-exhibition, Miller moves forward in his investigation of the history and impact of digital mass-culture. Progressing from his previous explorations of the iconography of home-console gaming, to the media of Microsoft and the emergence of the home computer.

Miller’s new body of work examines the representation of the imagery of Microsoft’s Blue Screen of Death. Considered the most contemporary signifier for fear, stress, tension, and frustration, its emergence has changed the representation of the value of time, and shifted the importance of material in the digital age. Miller’s critical understanding and precise technical skill enables viewers to be transported through memory, reflect on one’s position in a global community, and examine our encompassment in the momentum of the digital age.

The show comprises of eight 27” x 36”, half inch thick, sandblasted, powder-coated aluminum sheets that Miller has stencilled tediously with text using lacquer based spray paint. The show depicts the progression of the Blue Screen of Death from Windows 1 to Windows XP.

Miller’s other work to accompany the show is an 50" x 90” installation piece painted directly onto the gallery walls. Mimicking projection through painting, the installation explores one of the most famous occurrences of the Blue Screen of Death that occurred in 1998 while Bill Gates was demonstrating Windows 98 Beta at the COMDEX computer expo.

Michael Edward Miller’s earlier bodies of work, ‘The Nintendo Generation’, and ‘Punch Out!’ consist of an extended exploration of imagery from the 1985 gaming console, the 'Nintendo Entertainment System’. The NES was a major source of Miller’s earliest visual influences. His work has been exhibited locally and internationally.

A closing celebration for 'BSoD’ will be held on the last evening of the exhibition, where the artist will be present. The event will be held at Robert Lynds Gallery on October 25th at 8:00pm, and will toast Miller’s successful commencement with the RLG.

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